These days, the members of our club are working on their fitness in Skalka near Kremnica, Slovakia. The third week of six-week cycle of preparation is the difficult one, confirms the head coach Miloslav Grolmus.
"Along with the owner of the club Mr. Miroslav Hlavna we have managed to start the cooperation with a top fitness coach Maros Molnar from Slovakia. He was cooperating with me when I was coaching individually Filip Horansky and Jozef Kovalik, tennis players from Slovakia. He was also working with the top players of the WTA ranking," explained Grolmus.
Molnar is personally in charge of the 6-week preparatory cycle before the season. "Now they are all in the fitness camp in the third week of training, the hardest week. Skalka near Kremnica have excellent environment and conditions. There is a space for running; there are hills, gym, as well as swimming pool, whirlpool and full recovery. At the end of the season we go there very often. I believe that this will be reflected in the future results," says head coach.
The aim of the camp is, among other things; to test the club members and members of the new EMPIRE Tennis Academy. "Let the players know what they need to do in order not only to improve their physical performance, but also to correct some bad habits. We deal even with muscle imbalance (the motor system disorder when muscles are acting against each other in mutual imbalance or the strength or size of muscle on one side of the body is not symmetrical to the strength or size of muscle on the other side of the body). It leads to frequent injuries," explained Grolmus.
It's not just about improving the physical performance, but also about the coordination exercises that will be for each individual. On the basis of muscle imbalance, they get recommendations to do exercises that each of player can do. Subsequently, you can prevent injuries and muscle injuries. "As a club we try to be perfect. We look into the future and all the players are under the microscope of one of the best coaches in Europe. My role, as well as the role of the club is to train at the highest level. According to Maros Molnar, all players are strenuous. They have to bite the bullet. It's not easy. After your body gets used to the load, it will be easier," added Grolmus.
Our players (Juhaszova, Kotelesova, Obal, Chamraz, Kupkova, Kozlejova, Pavlickova, Petrovicka, Stara, Fekete, Banczi, Kurtin, Morvay and other younger members) begin to work hard every day from the seven o'clock, when they run 2 kilometers and then they stretch. "In addition, we have two phases, mostly outside, but we were already in the fitness room and in the gym. I think that the personal trainer knows what he's doing, because although we are "dead" in the evening, the next day we are sufficiently regenerated, so that we can continue to work hard," revealed the EMPIRE Academy player Vivien Juhaszova.
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