The concept of the elite EMPIRE Tennis Academy turns into reality. After engaging an experienced coach Vladimir Platenik in our club, we have agreed to cooperate with Maros Molnar, who has lead fitness trainings of numerous well-known Slovak professional athletes, including hockey, tennis players and footballers.
Integral part of the top training is also physical training provided by the coach Maros Molnar. He has graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Comenius University in Bratislava and he is the first-degree athletics coach and holder of multiple certificates, including certificate of sports physiotherapy. He has long-term experience in cooperation and fitness training of well-known hockey players, including Miroslav Satan, Lubomir Visnovsky or tennis players Daniela Hantuchova and Dominika Cibulkova. Now he is cooperating with other hockey players, such as Peter Pohradsky, Martin Stajnoch, footballer Igor Zofcak or with the son of the tennis legend Miloslav Mecir and promising young tennis talent from Slovakia Jozef Kovalik. “I’m in a long-term cooperation with Vladimir Platenik whom I coached when he had been a tennis player. When he coached Cibulkova, Wickmayer, Petrova or Hercogova, I have always helped him. As he is going to cooperate with TC EMPIRE Trnava, the club approached to me and asked me if I were interested in the participation in creating a serious and world tennis academy. The condition is that the whole thing must have the quality concept of tennis coaching, fitness and physiotherapy," said Maros Molnar for the website
The fitness training of elite athletes is very complex now. It includes testing, evaluation and incorporation of test results in the training process that are used by tennis coaches. "In Trnava, we've done the first testing of players aged between 14-18 years who are going to be also in the academy. They were subjected to a complete physical analysis. We have divided them into groups to work with. They will learn how to perform each exercise technically correctly and then they can exercise it before the matches or after the matches at the tournament," described Maros Molnar.
Maros Molnar pays attention to the smallest details in his work and he analyzes the motion and physical tests that shall be recorded in digital form. "The thing is that we want to compare these tests after some time. The results will be collected through the year and then we will create a book where you find the admission tests, analysis of the strength, speed, endurance and training of each player. It is a unique thing unprecedented in Slovakia," explained Molnar, who is excited about the new challenge in Trnava. "I watch the news in the context of fitness training. We have done this analysis for hockey players. This is the first chance to do something for tennis. We had knowledge that TC EMPIRE Trnava club is progressing very well and that there is a group of people who want to create a serious academy. It has to be a unique project in Slovakia and should it go on like this, it would be unique also in whole Europe," Maros Molnar concluded an interesting topic.

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