Chantal Skamlova (21) won 16 ITF titles in her career, four of them in singles. She is also a Grand Slam winner. Chantal Skamlova and Jana Cepelova from Slovakia won the championship trophy after winning the junior doubles at the Australian Open 2010. Now, she is eager to play on our tournament EMPIRE Womens Indoor 2015. She has revealed more in the interview for the website.


How satisfied are you with the 2014 tennis season and what was the highlight for you?
"I was playing a lot of good matches and tournaments, so I was satisfied with the previous season. The best result for me were quarterfinals at the $25K tournament in Mexico, where I was able to win against Irigoyen – No. 160 in the WTA rankings. And it gave me confidence."
You were No. 386 in the WTA rankings in June 2014 but you want to move up, for sure. Do you have any particular goal for this season?
"No, I don't want to think about WTA rankings. If you didn't tell me I would not know I was at that position. My priority is to improve the game and to give everything to tennis. I believe that rankings and results come after that when I least expect them."
You were successful also in doubles, you won 7 titles in the year 2014. How is it possible that you are successful with different players?
"I don't know why but doubles has been in my blood since the beginning. I can feel in every situation, what I have to play as well as on the net, what is a great advantage in women's doubles."
Who is your coach and where do you train?
"My training base is in Portugal in the Felner Tennis Academy and I'm very satisfied there. He taught me a lot of new things during the winter preparation and I feel a big step forward in my game."
Do you know the TC EMPIRE Trnava club better?
"I was playing a lot of times in Trnava when I was twelve or fourteen. They did a lot of perfect work and tennis venue is at a high level."
What do you think about new indoor tournament in Trnava and how is it for you to play before the home crowd?
„I'm looking forward to Trnava and I've never hesitated to play EMPIRE Womens Indoor 2015 tournament. We have few oportunities to play at home, so I will enjoy it and I don't feel any pressure.“


Chantal Skamlova (source: Facebook)



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