We have been honored by the visit of the International Tennis Hall of Fame member Jana Novotna again. Jana Novotna was in Trnava with Barbora Krejcikova, the WTA player working with Wimbledon winner since March 2014. Since then, the young, gifted tennis player has moved up in the WTA rankings significantly. Krejcikova was also training with Darya Kasatkina who has been in Trnava for couple of weeks now. Website has inteviewed Jana Novotna and she told us more.

Why are you in the TC EMPIRE Trnava club?
"We were in Trnava with Barbora during the EMPIRE Slovak Open tournament in May and we got acquainted with the manager Oto Majba and all this surrounding. We liked it very much. We have kept in touch and we have welcomed the invitation before the new season starts. We have been for three days. The conditions are ideal, since the hall has a new surface, which is also at the Australian Open."

Who were the sparing partners?
"Jana Jablonovska from Slovakia and Darya Kasatkina from Russia and it was a very solid training. We would like to move further in preparation, that's why we are here. Kasatkina is younger than Barbora, but she is very smart and talented player who is the winner of junior 2014 Roland Garros. Barbora should practice points because we are couple of days before the Czech Extraleague matches.

Have you come here from Brno?
"Yes, there is our base. But it's not ideal there because either we have great sparing partners but we don't have suitable surface or we have suitable surface but we don't have the sparing. We were looking for something under one roof like in Trnava."

Is it possible that you will come to Trnava again?
"I don't know if for sparing because when you are the player around No. 160 position in the WTA rankings you don't have the exact plan for next weeks or months. But we would like to come back to Trnava to play EMPIRE Slovak Open 2015 tournament in May."

Are you satisfied with the progress of Barbora?
"Absolutely, but it could be better. She is still limited by the school and she has to finish her high school. She is going to graduate next year. As a player, she is already more experienced than she was at the beginning of the year. This experience is from matches she has played."

Have you agreed to continue with the cooperation?
"Yes, we have one year more together. If I can say for myself, I am pleased with the course it has taken and I would like to continue. Barbora has a great potential and we want to be in the Top 100 of the WTA rankings. She is going to play Auckland and Hobart qualifying in January and then the Australian Open."


Photos: Ivan Kopčáni 

Jana Novotna & Barbora Krejcikova in the TC EMPIRE Trnava club

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Barbora Krejcikova

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Darya Kasatkina with the Slovak coach of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy Vladimir Platenik

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