The members of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy Tamara Kupkova, Timea Pavlickova and Anna Laguza have to work hard in High Tatras under the supervision of Maros Molnar, a popular Slovak fitness coach. In the article, you can find an answer to the question how much busy their daily programme can be.
Tamara Kupkova, Timea Pavlickova and Anna Laguza are in Tatranska Lomnica from November 28th to December 6th. "It's challenging, but each of us is doing it for herself and we do it with enthusiasm, so when you think positively, everything is possible. It's amazing and we will gain a new experience and much more,” Tamara Kupkova enjoys the fitness training.
Maros Molnar is also working in High Tatras with two other Slovak tennis players from Slovakia, Miloslav Mecir and Jozef Kovalik.

Full scheduled daily programme in High Tatras

  • 06:30 wake up call
  • 07:00 three kilometres run
  • 07:30 yoga
  • 08:15 breakfast
  • 09:30 stretching
  • 10:30 fitness training
  • 10:45 - 12:00 fitness gym
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 13:00 - 15:00 rest or sleep
  • 15:00 second phase, running
  • 16:30 stretching
  • 17:00 physiotherapist
  • 18:00 end of the fitness training
  • 22:00 sleep


Tamara Kupkova, Timea Pavlickova, Anna Laguza & coach Maros Molnar


Timea Pavlickova (on the left) & Tamara Kupkova, the members of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy 



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