Martin Blasko has been raised in Kosice where he was a member of VSE TK Akademik Kosice club but then he agreed to a transfer to TC EMPIRE Trnava since 2013. He will stay in Trnava until 2020 after the signing of a new deal.
"I’m very satisfied with the club. There are great conditions here. It is one of the best clubs in Slovakia," says Martin Blasko for the website. He was a member of our extraleague team in the year 2013 and contributed to third place. He was a member of the team in the 2014 season, but there was a stiff competition of more experienced players so he didn’t play. He trains in Trnava and plays tournaments there, too. "I was in the club on Wednesday and I was training with the Russian player Artem Dubrivnyy."
Blasko is aware of the fact that Jan Sabovcik, his former coach in Kosice, is a new coach at the EMPIRE Tennis Academy in Trnava. "I was very satisfied with him in that time. He was one of the best coaches I’ve have ever had. It’s good for him and good for the club that he is in Trnava now," thinks an 18 years old player. Blasko is not a junior player anymore and he will try to do his best among the men. "It’s totally different tennis. They know how to play. You need to think more and I’m still young and with no experience. I have to gain more experience first and we will see if I become more successful."
Blasko has one point in the ATP rankings after he succeeded at the Futures tournament in Tatranska Lomnica in July 2014 and advanced to the second round. "One ATP point in High Tatras was one of my biggest results. I was very happy about it. It was different, very pleasant," adds Blasko who is going to play Futures tournaments in the 2014 season.


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