Our young players have been successful once again. U12 boys team was in the final of the Slovak Team Championship in the town of Presov. U18 boys team has fought for the bronze medals in Bratislava, it has ended in fourth place. U12 girls team has a title along with our U14 boys & girls teams and U18 girls can enjoy silver medals from Piestany.

These are the members of TC EMPIRE Trnava U12 boys team which were playing in Presov: Dominik Cvik, Milos Karol, Michal Novansky, Stanislav Valent, Tomas Lanik & Anton Magdolen. They have beaten the TK Nova Dubnica club 7-0, the same result as they have achieved in the semifinal (7-0) against TK Mladost Kosice. 
In the fight for the championship title, they were playing against the Tennis academy of Presov. Our players lost in a dramatic final 3-4. Silver medals belong to TC EMPIRE. “All the boys were playing responsibly and they played as a team. I want to commend the whole team, gold medal have escaped us narrowly," said the captain of the U12 team Radovan Jakab.
Another team, another story. U18 boys team (the members were Ondrej Chamraz, Marek Lukacovic, David Damian Brna, Jakub Behun, Vladimir Kurek and Marcel Musil) had beaten TK Banik Prievidza club 7-0, but then TC EMPIRE players lost to TK Slovan Bratislava 2-5. And after that they fought with TK Vysoke Tatry (High Tatras) but lost 1-4. Doubles were cancelled. "It’s a pity because Vladimir Kurek got injured in the semifinal and he had to withdraw from the match against Vajda. We missed him. And another player Oliver Nagy had health issues, too," said the captain Martin Durdik.

Three teams with gold medals!

There is no doubt that the most successful team from TC EMPIRE Trnava at the Slovak Team Championship was (until now) U12 girls team (Natalia Slaba, Simona Kristofovicova, Nina Huskova, Barbora Kmoskova & Nina Stankovska). They crushed Lieskovsky Tennis Club 7-0 and then they beat TK Slovan Bratislava 4-3. They achieved the same result in the final against TK Mladost Kosice. "We were 1-2 down after singles and it was bad. Nina Huskova wasn’t able to play due to stomach illness. But Kmoskova & Stankovska won their singles matches and doubles which were decisive," said Jakab.
The U18 girls team was also in the final of Slovak Team Championship. They won against Presov in the first round (6-1), then against TK Slavia Agrofert STU Bratislava 4-3 and on August 26, they played against TK Slovan Bratislava. They lost 2-5. „We wanted to win and we were trying to do everything to win but the opponents were strong. Our girls were showing sympathetic and combative performances. There was a chance to surprise opponents but they didn’t let a chance to win escape them,“ added Durdik.
Karin Kozlejova, Adriana Senkarova, Barbora Kotelesova, Sindy Kurtinova and Tamara Kupkova were the members of the silver U18 girls team. 

There were two last teams fighting for medals in September 2014 – U14 boys team and U14 girls team. Boys (Viktor Banczi, Samuel Paulovcak, David Cierny, Kevin Kurtin, Matus Rusnak, Janos Fekete & Adam Arbet) were playing at our club from 4th to 6th September and they were very successful. The most dramatic match was played in the final third round, when TC EMPIRE Trnava club fought against the team Tennis Academy of Presov. We won 4-3. "We won the title in a great atmosphere. A lot of people came to see their matches. Even the atmosphere in the team was excellent, the boys kept together and they have constantly encouraged each other. I thank you them very much," said team captain Juraj Jancovic.

Our U14 girls team (Kiara Petrovicka, Adriana Senkarova, Lenka Stara, Klara Ondrejcekova, Nina Stankovska, Barbora Kmoskova, Simona Kristofovicova, Tatiana Chovancová and Patricia Hlinkova) have gained a third triumph for TC EMPIRE Trnava club. They won in the final against the Tennis Academy of Presov 4-3. "Girls were overall a great team and I'm glad that we beat the biggest opponents of Slovan and Presov," added team captain Juraj Jancovic.

Gold TC EMPIRE Trnava U12 girls team with coach Radoslav Jakab:

2014 druzstvo mladsich ziacok TC EMPIRE Trnava


Silver TC EMPIRE Trnava U18 girls team with coach Martin Durdik:

2014 druzstvo dorasteniek TC EMPIRE Trnava


Gold TC EMPIRE Trnava U14 boys team with coach Juraj Jancovic:


Gold TC EMPIRE Trnava U14 girls team with coach Juraj Jancovic:




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