A historical moment for the EMPIRE Trnava Tennis Club: Two times winner of the Slovak Extra League 2014 - Women & Men

Videos from the women's final

TC EMPIRE Trnava team 2014 (women)

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TK Slovan Bratislava - TC Empire Trnava 3-4

Singles matches: Kristina Kucova - Karina Morgosova 6:2, 6:3, Katarina Kachlikova - Lenka Jurikova 6:7, 6:7, Nikola Vajdova - Vivien Juhaszova 7:5, 6:0, Zuzana Kucova - Kristina Schmiedlova 1:6, 2:6, Natalia Vajdova - Dalma Galfi 0:6, 1:6.

Doubles matches: Kristina Kucova, Zuzana Kucova - Karina Morgosova, Lenka Jurikova 6:1, 6:1; Nikola Vajdova, Lenka Tvaroskova - Kristina Schmiedlova, Dalma Galfi 1:6, 6:7.

THESE PLAYERS ARE THE WINNERS: Karina Morgosova, Lenka Jurikova, Vivien Juhaszova, Kristina Schmiedlova, Dalma Galfi, Barbora Kotelesova, Tamara Kupkova





Women’s tennis in Trnava has a long history, although after dropping out from the first league in 2008, when the team was comprised of only juniors, was followed by a short one year break. The renewed team formed by local juniors led by their trainer Jedličková started to play in 2010 in the second league. This year they missed promotion just by hair’s breadth, when they finished in the first non-promotion place, but fortunately one of the teams didn’t enter the competition, so they had opportunity to compete in the first league. First league was a big challenge from a performance point of view, that’s why the targets for the new season 2011 were not to ambitious. On the other hand they overcame all expectations, because the girls managed to fight for promotion until the end of the league. Two close losses 3:4 resulted in us being pushed to the 4th place. It’s important to state, that we are the only team who managed to defeat Žilina B, which won promotion to extra league. The team which brought us such excellent results was composed of following girls:

  • Jedličková Mária
  • Hercegová Linda
  • Juráková Sarah Mária
  • Krištofovičová Silvia
  • Bareková Barbara
  • Široká Petra
  • Repčíková Alica

The main target for 2012 is to be promoted to the extra league. The team possesses all qualification needed also thanks to a new extra league player Antónia Markušková from Svit, who also played already on the Women’s tournament EMPIRE Trnava Cup. The team will be also strengthened by two young promising tennis players Tamara Kupková and Sindy Kurtinová. We hope that girls will be successful and will belong to one of the best women team in Slovakia.

You can find all the results concerning women team TC EMPIRE Trnava in the first league 2011 at this website.  


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