Jan Satral of the Czech Republic is the winner of the EMPIRE Futures Trnava 2014 (clay, outdoor, prize money 10,000 USD) tournament which was taking place at the TC EMPIRE Trnava from 03 August to 10 August 2014. He has won his final match against Vaclav Safranek (CZE) 6-4, 7-6 (5). Jan Satral is doubles champion, too, partnering Jakub Filipsky of the Czech Republic.



Satral collects fourth Futures title of his career, three of them he has won in Slovakia (Trnava 2014, Piestany 2011, 2013). Another one is from Wroclaw of Poland. ''You have always good memories of the places where you have been successful. You got great tennis center here, everything is at our disposal. Also a silly thing like that we have good balls for our warm-up. It’s a proof that organizers are taking care of us. Great tournament. I would love to come again,'' said Satral for the website tcempire.sk.
Doubles title belongs to Satral again and to his partner Jakub Filipsky. They have beaten Slovak and Ukrainian players Karol Beck/Filipp Kekercheni 6-3, 6-2. It is Filipsky’s first doubles title ever, for Satral thirteenth already. Satral and Filipsky have played just second tournament together. The first one was in Piestany a week ago. The have lost to Beck/Kekercheni in Piestany so it was kind of revenge for them. Filipsky lost to Beck in the singles first round in Trnava, too. ''My head to head statistics with Karol Beck was like 0-4. It’s a bit better for now. You have a very nice tennis centre in Trnava. I’m here for the first time and I hope not the last time,'' added with smile Filipsky.

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From the left singles finalist Vaclav Safranek, champion Jan Satral (both CZE), photo credit: Ivan Kopcani

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From the left doubles champions Jan Satral & Jakub Filipsky (both CZE), photo credit: Ivan Kopcani

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Previous winners:


singles: Jan Satral (CZE)
doubles: Jan Satral (CZE), Jakub Filipsky (CZE)


singles: Kamil Capkovic (SVK)
doubles: Lukas Marsoun (CZE), Dominik Suc (CZE)



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