Tournament Dates 2019: June 20-23

Slovakia Open is an international ITF wheelchair tournament (ITF 3 Series) which is held in the TC EMPIRE Trnava since 2012.

Slovakia Open tennis tournament was born in 1993. Thanks to the participation of several leading world players, it has become one of the most important international events of disabled athletes organized in Slovakia.

Previous winners:

2018 singles men: Dermot BAILEY (GBR)
doubles men: Dermot BAILEY (GBR) / Tadeusz KRUSZELNICKI (POL) [1]
singles women: -
doubles women: -
2017 singles men: Agustin LEDESMA (ARG)
doubles men: Marek GERGELY (SVK), Ricky MOLIER (NED)
singles women: Emmanuelle MORCH (FRA)
doubles women: Maria Florencia MORENO (ARG), Antonella PRALONG (ARG)
2016 singles men: Kamil FABISIAK (POL)
doubles men: Kamil FABISIAK (POL), Steffen SOMMERFELD (GER)
singles women: Margrit FINK (AUT)
doubles women: Petra KRIZKOVA (CZE), Ladislava PORIZKOVA (CZE)
2015 singles men: Tadeusz KRUSZELNICKI (POL)
doubles men: Marek GERGELY (SVK), Tadeusz KRUSZELNICKI (POL)
singles women: Diede DE GROOT (NED)
doubles women: Sarah CALATI (AUS), Diede DE GROOT (NED)
2014 singles men: Frederic CATTANEO (FRA) 
doubles men: Frederic CATTANEO (FRA), Alfie HEWETT (GBR)
singles women: Emmy KAISER (USA)
doubles women: Polina SHAKIROVA (RUS), Michaela SPAANSTRA (NED)
2013 singles men: Frederic CATTANEO (FRA) 
doubles men: Frederic CATTANEO (FRA), Martin LEGNER (AUT) 
singles women: Bianca OSTERER (GER) 
doubles women: Macarena CABRILLANA (CHI), Bianca OSTERER (GER) 
2012 singles men: Frederic CATTANEO (FRA) 
doubles men: Martin LEGNER (AUT), Peter VIKSTROM (SWE) 
singles women: -
doubles women: -

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