Tournament dates 2016: April 17th - 24th

Another important international event which is taking place in the complex of TC EMPIRE Trnava on the clay courts is the fifth year of international tournament for children under 14 years in the second category. The tournament starts with qualification matches and come to a head one week later with the final matches for boys and girls. 48 boys and girls from the whole Europe will compete for the first price. Because it’s a tournament of the second highest category (the expenses for the best players are reimbursed), we can look forward to the best European players under 14. It’s possible that in some years one of these players will play in the major world tournaments. The majority of the Slovak top players in this category participate in this tournament every year where they have opportunity to face European competition. As a proof you can find three Slovak players in the review of up to now winners.


Boys singles champion:

Boys singles winner IMG 1896

Boys singles finalists:

Boys singles Finalists IMG 1896

Girls Singles Finalists:

Girls singles Finalists IMG 1900

Girls Doubles Finalists:

Girls Doubles finalists IMG 1889

Girls Doubles finalists Kasatkina IMG 1892

Boys Doubles Finalists:

Boys Doubles finalists IMG 1887

Photos: Ivan Kopčáni

DSC 1159uDSC 1107u

DSC 1140uDSC 1128u

DSC 1059uDSC 1066u

DSC 1045uDSC 1047u

DSC 1057uDSC 1078u

DSC 1086u 

Prehľad doterajších víťazov:

chlapci: Lukáš Palovič (SVK)
dievčatá: Noa Krznaric (CRO)
chlapci: Wojciech Marek (POL)
dievčatá: Anna Sisková (CZE)
chlapci: Stefan Palosi (ROU)
dievčatá: Anna Kynčlová (CZE)
chlapci: Tadeáš Paroulek (CZE)
dievčatá: Katarína Závatská (CZE)
chlapci: Louis Wessels (GER)
dievčatá: Viktória Kužmová (SVK)

chlapci: Miroslav Chyba (CZE) 
dievčatá: Kristína Schmiedlová (SVK)


chlapci: Oliver Nagy (SVK)    
dievčatá: Belinda Bencic (SUI)


chlapci: Jakub Oravec (SVK)
dievčatá: Tereza Hejlová (CZE)


chlapci: Adam Pavlásek (SVK)
dievčatá: Pernilla Mendesová (CZE)

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